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There are a very few shows that have attained the level of popularity and fame that Barney has enjoyed. For last so many decades the character and its show has been popular among children all across the globe and with the passage of time the fame only appears to be increasing. To celebrate this immensely popular show the beautiful event Barney Live in Concert is being organized.

The live stage show named Barney Live in Concert is a production of VEE Corporation in collaboration with HIT Entertainment . The show is in form of a touring concert that started in November 2010. Among the destinations of the tour are included countries like the United States, Canada and Caribbean countries like Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. The first show of the tour was performed at Tulsa, Oklahoma on November 19, 2010. The schedule of the tour has been designed in such a way that it performs about 2 to 6 shows in each city and in a single week the tour tries to visit about two to three cities. For the upcoming shows, there have already been over a 100 scheduled dates.

The show has a theme that revolves around the children’s favorite character named Barney as well as his friends. For the start of the show, the plot is set in such a way that Barney himself opens the performance and his friends join him on the stage soon afterwards. The excitement of the crowd reaches its extremes soon after the start of the show, as Barney and his friends are waving and smiling at the crowd and set the mood for a wonderful, fun filled evening. The theme of the performance is about one of Barney’s friends named the Purple Guy’s birthday celebrations. As a part of these celebrations the whole cast is seen playing games, decorating the stage appropriately for the birthday and singing songs merrily together. The costumes of the cast are also set in accordance with the birthday theme, and the audience is rejoiced to see their favorite characters from Barney and his Friends is beautiful party hats and lovely birthday costumes. During the initial part of the show, Barney is asked by someone about what his birthday wish was, but he replies that he has not decided it as yet.

The ambience of Barney Live in Concert remains very interesting throughout the show for the audience, as Barney and his friends amuse the kids with their fun activities to make the birthday a great show. BJ, Baby Bop , and Riff sing and dance for the kids with party hats on their heads and present a beautiful scene. Kids also enjoy BJ’s efforts to look like a rock star and then a magician by pulling out a rabbit from his magic hat. As a special part of the birthday, a beautiful song titled Someone to Love You Forever is sung by Barney . Afterwards, the ‘birthday baby’ i.e. Purple Guy tells everyone about his birthday wish, that he wants his friendship with Barney and others to continue forever, and never wants it to end. The show ends with a beautiful song and dance.

The stage for Barney Live in Concert is beautifully made and equipped with state of the art technology. The capacity of the hall is enough to accommodate an audience of over 3,000 to 4,000 people at a time. Another interesting feature of the performance is that there are displays of live and recorded videos of children from the audience during the show that makes the children immensely excited during the show. The performers also walk into the audience during the performances and this helps the audience feel intimate with the characters that are performing at the stage. With a great history and wonderful performing artists, Barney Live in Concert tickets provide you an exciting chance to be a part of one of the most entertaining experiences of modern times!

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