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The new Baltimore Orioles season is the talk of the baseball fans these days in Maryland as their favorite team is coming for another exciting baseball season. Winners of 3 World Series titles and 8 East Division titles, Orioles are coming better prepared with their ever-talented roster, ready to take the opponents down. Cheers erupt from the stands when Orioles dressed in black, orange and white enter the field to play to their best and entertain their fans.
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Three time World Series champions, The Baltimore Orioles are back again this year and are in no mood of slowing down or disappointing fans. Originally chartered in 1901, the team has come a long way to make its name in professional baseball. The boys known as The Birds are in better shape then ever and it’s bound to be a great season for the O’s. The Baltimore Orioles can trace their team’s history back to the historic Milwaukie Brewers, part of the original eight teams in the American League back in 1901. From finishing as the last team in the eighth position during the first American League season, they are now a major name in the world of professional baseball with a huge fan following all across the nation. Finally named the Baltimore Orioles by the Miles Hofberger group, the name itself has a rich history in the Baltimore baseball teams.

Having included several Hall of Fame Leaguers, like Wilbert Robinson, Hughie Jennings, John McGraw and Willie Keeler, the team is also known for one of the most memorable names in Baseball history, none other than Babe Ruth himself before he moved to the Boston Red Sox. The Orioles’ manager Paul Richards, who took over the management of the team in 1954, is credited with concocting what came to be known as the Oriole Way, which was to become almost like a general code for all levels of Baseball league and other teams as well as the Baltimore Orioles themselves of course.

The fans of the O’s will not be letting the team down, again turning up in droves for all games to support their Birds as they battle it out. We have the best deals for Baltimore Orioles Tickets around! Book your seats for the season and see the boys in flesh. No television screen will translate the excitement and the intoxicating thrill of the game like actually being there and we can make it happen. Arrange tickets with us for another great season, it is a treat or a great day out for everyone, whether you choose to cheer with friends of take your family along instead, you will not be disappointed.

Last season was 110 th for the team. They lost Melvin Mora who has been the team’s longest playing active player. Though the first half of the season was a bit of a struggle for the Orioles, despite predictions that it was going to be a great one for them, August turned out to be turn around and they took 17-11. This was the first winning month the team saw all year till then. Finishing off the season the Orioles stood at 17-13 in September and October, making the team a decent 34-24 standing by the end. This was the best record of any AL team over the same stretch of time.

The Orioles final record stood at a 66-96, being the first time since 2004 that the team improved the previous year’s winning total. This year, led by the arm of pitcher Mark Hendrickson and under Buck Showalter’s management, the team intends to make this another championship season. Mark Reynolds joins the team, along with J.J. Hardy, Brendan Harris, Derrek Lee, Jeremy Accardo, and resigned Koji Uehara, shortstop César Izturis as utility middle infielder. Justin Duchscherer was also signed on with a one year contract. The Orioles have gone forth with a complete makeover of the infield.

The season started with a 4-0, the first since the 1997 season. So come out in you orange and black colors, raise your banners and chant the team songs “O!” and “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” with the rest of the fans and cheer the birds on as they continue the season. Grab your seats at Camden Yards; see the grounds that saw Cal Ripken Jr., Brady Anderson and Mike Mussina and watch the heart stopping action live. All you have to do is book you Baltimore Orioles Tickets with us as soon as possible. It promises to be an eventful, interesting season and the tickets will go fast. Get your seats as soon as possible for the best place in the stadium and have a memorable experience at the fields.

Aspiring to make it a season as glorious as the 1964-1983 eras in which Baltimore Orioles won 3 World Championships, 7 Division championships and winning 5 Most Valuable Players Awards, Baltimore Orioles comes for another thrilling baseball season. This time the players are prepared even better than before. With players who have got themselves inducted in the Hall of Fame, Orioles is a tough competition for the rival teams and loads of entertainment for the fans. If you want to mark your attendance at the games, book your Baltimore Orioles Tickets right away to be among the fans cheering for the team at the Oriole Park at Camden Yards. he team.


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