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Premiering in 2003, Avenue Q is a two-act musical that focuses on the problems faced when entering adulthood. With script penned by Jeff Whitty, the play has its music and lyrics by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx respectively. Jason Moore serves as the director, who made his debut with the hit musical Les Miserables. As soon as the show announced its new run, the demand for cheap Avenue Q tickets increased. The musical has an autobiographical as well as biographical style which makes it all the more appealing. Many adults look forward to watching this show when it hits the theaters.

If you enjoy puppets then Avenue Q Tickets are meant just for you. If you have the stomach to digest salty humor then be prepared to have an evening where puppets would be discussing topics that interests the adults. This Tony Award winner musical consists of two acts, conceived by Robert Lopez. Jeff Marks wrote the lyrics and composed the music for the show while it’s directed by Jason Moore. Avenue Q is a proof that puppets can entertain adults as well. This adult version of puppetry is not what you get on the Sesame Street so leave your kids at home and have an adult night out.For Event Schedule and available tickets for Avenue Q please click Buy

Avenue Q

Avenue Q is a musical that was produced and opened at the Off-Broadway Vineyard Theatre in March 2003. It was conceived by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx, who wrote the music and lyrics, and directed by Jason Moore.
The production transferred to Broadway in July 2003 and won several Tony Awards, including the award for Best Musical. It is still running on Broadway and holds the position of 26th longest running musical in Broadway history.
The show has spawned a 2005 Las Vegas production, a 2006 West End production and various international productions. A U.S. national tour began in July 2007.

The origin

The show is largely inspired by Sesame Street: Most of the characters in the show are puppets which are operated by actors onstage, the set depicts several apartment buildings on a rundown street in an “outer borough” of New York City, both the live characters and puppet characters sing, and short animated video clips are played as part of the story.Also, several characters are recognizably parodies of classic Sesame Street characters: for example, the roommates Rod and Nicky are versions of Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie, and Trekkie Monster is based on Cookie Monster.

The Theme

The characters are in their twenties and thirties and face adult problems instead of those faced by pre-schoolers, thus making the show more suited for the adults who grew up with Sesame Street.The characters use profanity, and the songs concern adult themes. A recurring theme is the central character’s search for a “purpose.” Avenue Q openly addresses topics such as racism, pornography, and homosexuality; in fact, because of its adult language and content and “full puppet nudity”, the show specifically disclaims any connection to either Sesame.According to the official site, the musical is appropriate for both adults and mature teenagers.The show is homage to the PBS children’s television program Sesame Street.Both Marx and puppet designer/original cast member, Rick Lyon, have worked for Sesame Street, as have the other puppeteers in the original cast. Unlike Sesame Street, Workshop or The Jim Henson Company.


In mid-January 2006, the show was cut to 90 minutes, removing the intermission and trimming 10-15 minutes of material. Steve Wynn promoted the show heavily, including dressing 20 cabs in orange fuzz to promote the show. They had “Q” in white letters etched in front.Though the show was reported to have been profitable, it closed on May 28, 2006, after only a nine-month run. The closing of the show in Las Vegas released the Avenue Q producers from their exclusivity agreement, opening the way for a U.S. national tour or other U.S. productions.


The first translated version of the musical opened on February 16, 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden, at Maxim teatern, starring Jakob Stadell as Princeton/Rod, and Cecilia Wrangel as Kate Monster/Lucy the Slut. Avenue Q played at the Savoy Theatre in Helsinki, Finland, from February 23, 2007 to May 19, 2007.

Various Productions

Las Vegas On September 8, 2005, a second production of Avenue Q opened up at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel and casino in Las Vegas. This production had an “exclusive” contract that precluded Avenue Q tours in North America. A new 1,200 seat theater was built specially for the show.There were some differences from the Broadway production, including a new reprise of “It Sucks To Be Me” for Princeton at the top of Act Two, some new orchestrations, a trimmed “The Money Song,” and a new rock arrangement of “There Is Life Outside Your Apartment,” as well as a few jokes aimed at Las Vegas audiences. Most of these changes have since been incorporated into the Broadway version.


A Singaporean production will play in Singapore from October 30 to December 30, 2008 at the Singapore Repertory Theatre. A Russian version of the musical is planned for Moscow in late 2008. A French version of the musical is planned for Paris in late 2008.A Swedish tour will start in October, 2008, with dates booked for Umea, Linkoping, Gavle, Orebro, Halmstad, Lund, Kungsbacka, and Skovde.


An Australian production has been announced for 2009. Not many details are known, but it is expected to open in Melbourne in mid 2009.


An Israeli production opened on October 23, 2007 at the Beth Lessin Theatre, directed by Moshe Kepten and translated into Hebrew by Eli Bijaoui. Quite heavily rewritten in order to make the show more accessible to the local public and language with the major change being the entire replacement of the Gary Coleman character by Michal Yannai, Former “Queen of Children”.The Israeli cast includes Roy Bar-Natan as Princeton and Rod, Idan Alterman as Nicky and Bear and Tali Oren as Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut. Michal Yannai appears as “herself”.An Israeli tour played in Jerusalem and Haifa in January and February, 2008, but returned to Tel Aviv in March, 2008. A Mexican version opened on the April, 29 2008 at Centro Cultural Telmex in Mexico City.This production has undergone, several changes including a completely redesigned set, costume changes that include puppeteers wearing bold colors instead of the customary black/grey combination, and the substitution of Gary Coleman for a character that references a local actor without explicitly mentioning his name.The cast includes teen-band star Christian Chavez and several popular singers of reality show background. A highlight of this production are the puppets, made by Rick Lyon’s company.


A Filipino production ran in Manila in September and December 2007, and is scheduled to return in June 2008 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, directed by Bobby Garcia and Chari Arespacochaga.The original Manila cast included Felix Rivera as Princeton and Rod; and Rachel Alejandro as Kate Monster and Lucy The Slut. Other cast members in the Philippine production included former child-star Aiza Seguerra as Gary Coleman, Joel Trinidad as Trekkie Monster and Frenchie Dy as Christmas Eve.The show was originally conceived as a television show but ended up as a theatrical production. Avenue Q has been showcased for more than twenty five hundred times which is why it ranks 21st on the longest running shows in Broadway history. Avenue Q Tickets provides you with a break from your daily routine while making you laugh all evening. The colorful characters including the therapist ‘Christmas Eve’ and child actor ‘Gary Coleman’ all make you go into fits of laughter. If you are an avid comedy lover then these tickets will show you the time of your life! ficent mansion.

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In 2012 Avenue Q found its place on Broadway’s longest running musicals list. The show has been to many countries and this year will also be going to Paris and Netherlands. Avenue Q discount tickets can be bought now for the performances taking place in the US. The critically acclaimed musical has won many honors which include ‘Best Musical’, ‘Best Original Score’ and ‘Best Book’ Tony Awards. It also has to its name a Theatre World Award. The ‘breakthrough musical’ as described by The New York Times, is now coming to your town. Make sure to get your tickets in advance if you plan on attending the show.

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