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People who are inducted into the army go through rigorous physical training not just to get in shape but also effectively achieve the mission that their chain of command drills into them, however unfounded it might be.  Hence it seems as a natural consequence that they would make ideal athletes, especially the students of the United States Military Academy. Competing from within the NCAA's Division I, the respective teams collectively known as the Army Black Knights are affiliated with different leagues, associations and conferences such as the Patriot League, Collegiate Sprint Football League and the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association. Nail down some Army Black Knights tickets now to witness them ruthlessly rout their rivals.
The Knights Templar and the Knights of Malta have brought a lot of infamy to the perception of knights as valiant individuals in shinning armors rescuing damsels in distress. However, the Black Army Knights seem to have been redeeming the defining qualities of knights in general since the turn of the twentieth century, trooping out in arenas, courts, tracks and playing fields all over to charge at their adversaries. The Army Black Knights have been represented by the mule as their mascot since their inception due to the animal's hardiness and endurance in adverse conditions. They are also simply referred to as Army in the American sports media portals.
The Army footballers have been hurtling like artillery shells since 1890 when they challenged the Navy Midshipmen football team in the newly formed sport. Since then they have been perpetually engaging Navy in heated games, clashing with each other every December. Army has clinched a trio of national championships, scoring a hat trick in the years of 1944, 1945 and 1946. They are also three-time winners of the Heisman Trophy as well as triple recipients of the Maxwell Award. Army's clashes with Michigan State and Illinois in 1984 and 1985 respectively bore fruit in the form of winning the Cherry Bowl and the Peach Bowl. The commando cadets also claimed the Armed Forces Bowl in 2010.
The basketball playing Army Black Knights making their barracks in the Christl Arena are nothing to write home about with regards to their NCAA tournament performance, having never once participated in it. However, they have picked up a handful of awards over the years such as Frances Pomeroy Naismith Award and Haggerty Award, including awards for "Coach of the year," "Rookie of the Year" and "Defensive Player of the Year" from the Patriot League.
However, it is in the sport of rugby that the Army Black Knights have garnered the most success, making it the semi-finals of the nationals six times during the 2000s, including four consecutive times at the start of the decade. 2011 has been their most successful year so far, having finished at the top of the Eastern Conference and making it to the finals of the Collegiate Rugby Championship. So clinch some Army Black Knights tickets to see them launch a ground attack on their opponents, smashing through their ranks and emerge victorious

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