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Broadway has always brought forth something that theatre lovers can surely fall in love with. As Cole Porter brings forth this saucy and splendid new musical across the Atlantic, you make sure to come forth and grab your deals of Anything Goes Tickets. Discover how destiny nudges two pairs of lovers to discover the path of true love. Find out how a crew of singing sailors, good old fashioned blackmail and exotic disguise can play their parts all too well to unite lovers for better or for worse! For some thorough entertainment make sure to book your ticket deals in time from us.For Event Schedule and available tickets for Anything Goes please click Buy

Theatre and musicals have been the best entertainment since ages. Even today, they are ranked at the top among the best modes of quality entertainment. Some of the shows which were produced decades back are still in the picture and attract thousands of audience even today. Anything Goes is one such must-watch musical which premiered in 1934. It has been revived many times since then and is doing great even today.Anything Goes is a hilarious musical with many musical tracks, as well as dances. The original musical was based on the book by P.G. Wodehouse and Guy Bolton ; lyrics and music by Cole Porter .

The story of the musical moves on in an interesting way with a lot of humorous stuff incorporated in it. The story mainly revolves around the crazy actions and behaviors of the crew and passengers sailing from New York to London. The S.S. American starts the journey and two most unlikely people having nothing in common fall in love. The whole story takes place in the ocean liner, and the characters try to prove that sometimes destiny guides the way itself. The comical ride across the Atlantic Ocean has got a series of funny incidents and mistaken identities. The crew and the passengers move with the flow of water and the sound of music throughout the journey.

In the story, the stowaway falls in love with the heiress who is already engaged to a nightclub singer and public enemy # 13. The story has undergone many revisions, mainly by the team of Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse . The famous musical numbers include ‘I Get a Kick Out of You’, ‘Anything Goes’, ‘You’re at the Top’ and ‘It’s De-lovely’ and various more.Anything Goes first premiered on Broadway at the Alvin Theatre in 1934. It was then directed by Howard Lindsay and choreographed by Robert Alton . The revival of the musical took place several times- in the fifties, late eighties, 2002 and now the latest one in 2010. The latest Broadway revival is much similar to the 1987 revival; some additions have been made to it though. The 2010 Broadway revival premiered at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre ; directed and choreographed by Kathleen Marshall and Michael Smuin . It has always been a popular choice for the community and school productions. Film production of the musical has also been done twice.

The popularity and success of the musical has led to the TV productions as well. The specially adapted TV version included some of the original cast members. The show on TV was basically an episode of the Colgate Comedy Hour . It had a different plot but used few musical numbers and the shipboard setting. Anything Goes has won numerous awards over the years and got more than 20 major award nominations. It won the Drama Desk, Tony and Outer Critics awards for The Best Revival . It was also awarded with both the Tony and Drama Desk award for Choreography and Best Featured Actor in a Musical . In 2002, an Olivier Award for Best Musical Production was also taken away by this musical.

The musical Anything Goes is making its place in the hearts of the Americans once again! The timeless humor in the show makes people from all age groups laughing and having a great time. The funny confusions, magnificent chaos, comic confessions, along with the spectacular performance by the characters and the amazing props make it a worth watching show. The enthusiastic actors wearing colorful costumes grab the audience interest during the whole show. You must not miss the opportunity to watch this enjoyable musical. The recent revival has attracted millions of audience from all over the world. People are getting crazy to watch it on Broadway again but the limited number of shows restricts the audience. Do not miss the opportunity and get your Anything Goes Tickets on our website and enjoy the show.

Just a click away is your journey to the ocean from New York to England! Buy Anything Goes Tickets from us now and make it possible. You consider yourself a theater lover, yet you have not scheduled yourself for Anything Goes means you are not! You must not miss the Anything Goes tickets as it is one of the classic musical ever produced. Clutch you Anything Goes tickets from us and revitalize your emotions with the whimsical characters and story line.Musical is a theater play with music, songs, drama, dialogues describing a story. Anything Goes is a classic musical, revised by numerous American and British theater productions teams, also filmed twice by the Hollywood.

It has its debut in 1934 and since then it is the most wanted and renowned musical ever. The original creation was written by Guy Bolton and P.G. Woodhouse. However it was later revised by Russel Course and Howard Lindsay. The story encircles around three main characters that are actually bound in a triangular love. Two men, one engaged and one in love with a common lady. However, the stowaway, who is one of the main leads, plans to win the lady in a silly and unusual manner.Fans rest of this P.J Woodhouse story is a surprise to all of you. Therefore, without any further thoughts about it buy Anything Goes Tickets from us and enter the world of love where you make silly things possible and win the deserving.

Anything Goes has music and lyrics done by Cole Porter. Catch Sutton Foster during her tap dancing routine. You will sure find the plot funny and the musical tunes all catchy. The spectacular choreography will simply knock you out, so what are you waiting for? Just click on your deals of the Anything Goes Tickets right away. This hilariously bumpy ride is peppered with amazing hits like, "You're the Top" "Blow, Gabriel, Blow", "Anything Goes" and "I Get A Kick Out of You". Find out what happens when the S.S American heads out to sea where etiquette head outs the portholes as two mismatched pairs set off on a journey leading to true love.

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