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The dazzling Annual New York Burlesque Festival is one of the biggest events in New York and an event that is widely regarded as the best, the biggest and the greatest burlesque event in the entire world. It is an event that is flocked to burlesque lovers all over the US and from many parts of the world while featuring an ensemble that includes the very greatest names in the world of burlesque. Thus, this spectacular event is a combination of the best burlesque performers and the most fanatic fans of this amazing art form ever. All that is left is for you to grab Annual New York Burlesque Festival tickets and then get to New York when this event is ongoing.

The fabulous Annual New York Burlesque Festival is an awesome event that is around four days long and occurs in America’s and the world’s greatest city, New York City. This Big Apple event occurs at a time of festivity and has been occurring since it debuted back in 2003. In 2003, the Annual New York Burlesque Festival was launched by Jen Gapay from the company, Thirsty Girl Productions alongside the three Pontani sisters, Angie Pontani, Helen Pontani and Tara Pontani, all part of The World Famous Pontani Sisters. These two companies formed up and then launched the Annual New York Burlesque Festival is 2003. Since then, it has made a name for itself as the greatest burlesque event in entire world.

The fascinating Annual New York Burlesque Festival sports a cast that has more than one hundred performers, both variety and burlesque, coming from many parts of the world with each and every one of them renowned and famous in their own way. This amazing festival combines in excess of a hundred performers and an audience in the thousands to create a burlesque event that is widely considered as one of the largest burlesque events in the whole wide world.

Today, the Annual New York Burlesque Festival is still run by Jen Gapay and Angie Pontani and has grown far since its 2003 edition. It has showcased some of the best burlesque performers from the whole world such as Murray Hill, Dirty Martini and Julie Atlas as well as performers hailing from boylesque, comedy, variety and even some of the best known names in the world of music.

This four night long festival takes place at several venues located in the Brooklyn and Manhattan areas of New York City . This festival features a Teaser Party, a Premiere Party and a Spectacular event as well as Golden Pastie Awards. Participants can also get makeovers of burlesque as well as acquire many different items like corsets, costumes and even a number of different pasties. Participants can also mingle up with burlesque performers and get to meet their favorite stars, live.

This time around, the four segments of the Annual New York Burlesque Festival are hosted by New York City ’s very own The World Famous Bob, San Francisco ’s Scotty the Blue Bunny, New York City ’s Murray Hill and Miss Astrid, also a New York City performer. Music at this event will be played live by Viva and Her Exquisitely Delicious Band, DJ Momotaro, Brian Newman, DJ Fresh Prince of Darkness and Bill Coleman. All in all, this promises to be an awesome burlesque event and a must see through Annual New York Burlesque Festival tickets.

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