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Ani Difranco is a singer, songwriter, poet and guitarist. She has released many albums and is popularly known as a feminist. She was born in New York and started playing musical instruments at the tender age of nine. Difranco started a record company in 1989 called Righteous Records. Her debut album was released in 1990 and she moved to New York City after that. There, she took up pottery classes and started going on many tours. She would only pause for a while in the middle to have her albums recorded.


In 1994 her recording company was given the new name of Righteous Babe Records. In 1998, her drummer left her band in order to start a solo career. She did a rendition of Greg Brown’s song ‘The Poet Game’ in the year 2002. Ani Difranco had been touring continuously and was part of numerous music festivals. During these festivals she has shared the live stage with several artists which included collaboration with Dar Williams, a folk singer in 2005.


Ani Difranco released her album ‘Reprieve’ in 2006 and later went on to perform with Cyndi Lauper. She released a book titled ‘Verses’ in 2007, containing her poetry works. In 2008 she released her album ‘Red Letter Year’. When discussing her album Ani DiFranco says “When I listen to my record I hear a very relaxed me, which I think has been absent in a lot of my recorded canon. Now I feel like I’m in a really good place.”


Throughout all of 2011, Ani Difranco has continued to tour. Her band post 2008 includes the members Mike Dillon who is on percussion, Allison Miller who is on drums and Todd Sickafoose who plays the bass. Buy the Ani Defranco tickets and watch this music artist create magic up on stage!  


Her latest album that was released in 2012 is called “Which Side Are You On?”. In the album she has worked in collaboration with artists such as Adam Levy, Ivan Neville and Pete Seeger.


She currently lives in New Orleans with her husband. Ani calls herself bisexual, and many of her songs are about love with both men and women. She talks about this controversial topic in her song titled ‘In or Out’. She got married to Andrew Gilchrist who was a sound engineer in 1998. The couple got divorced after five years. In 2007 she gave birth to a baby daughter. Throughout her career as a singer, Ani Difranco has supported various causes and movements such as the gay rights movement as well as the right for women to get an abortion.


Ever since 2003, she has been nominated for the Grammy Awards four times and she won the award in 2004. She won the ‘Women of Courage Award’ in 2006; previous winners of this award include Barbara Streisand the actress. Winning the award makes her rather unique because she is one of the first few music artists to have ever won this award. It is an award that is given on a yearly basis to a woman who has made significant contributions towards promoting feminism.


Difranco has a very distinct guitar playing style. Buy Ani Difranco tickets and witness her rather unique guitar skills. Her lyrics have also received a lot of praise due to the soft irony that she manages to incorporate into the wordings.  Her music has been categorized as being an amalgamation of alternative rock as well as folk rock. She has worked in collaboration with many famous music artists including the popular celebrity Prince. Ani Difranco uses many instruments in her music, creating a truly distinctive sound.       


Much of the music that Difranco has produced is very political in nature. These songs deal with social issues such as sexism, racism and poverty. One of her songs was donated in 2008 to an NGO in order to help out the victims of the Tsunami that hit South Asia in 2004.

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