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Amr Diab is known as the Father of Mediterranean Music in the industry. Since the start of his career in the early eighties, he has continually broken sales records for Arab Music. The artist has truly ruled the Arab world amassing appreciations from across the globe. His list of credentials extends with a number of World Music Awards in the category of Best Selling Artist to numerous hits being ranked on Top Music Charts. The Western rhythms and Middle East musical styles all together in one show makes Amr Diab tickets a hot selling item whenever his concert is near!
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—–Get ready to enjoy some real Egyptian music year with the great Egyptian singer Amr Diab. You will surely get to listen to the true taste of Egyptian music and will enjoy those groovy tunes in this extravagant musical night. So don’t even wait any further and grab your Amr Diab tickets now. You will actually feel the real difference in the great form of unique music that will leave a lasting impression in your heart and make you feel on the top of the world.
Amr Diab is known as one of the best Egyptian singers and has received a number of music awards which just shows the popularity and originality of his themes, lyrics and the melodies that he puts into his songs. He is not only a singer but also a composer of the geel music, which is kind of an Egyptian pop music. His music has been given a lot of recognition and has been declared as one of the best music icons in the Arabian world. Amr Diab has proved himself and his the most recognized artist in the Arab world. His number Tamally Ma’ak was a great revolution in the Arabic music and was such a huge hit that it was copied by a Bollywood film as well. This song also grabbed awards and accolades from the music industry in the world over.
This great singer is considered a living legend in the entire Arab world and his hits have always created ripples in the music industry. Although his songs are in Arabic, his music is has always been loved by all countries and music lovers from all over the world. For years in 1998, 2002, 2007 and 2009, he has been bestowed with the World Music Award for the best selling artist in the Middle East. Even Let’s Go Egypt has recognized him as the best selling artist for all times. His album Nour el Ain has been described as a new concept in the field of Mediterranean music. This great singer knows his worth and eveytime he produces and comes up a new concept that makes him even more famous. His first album Noor el Ain (Light of the Eye) was a huge hit not only in the Arab world but also in other parts of the world where Arabic was not even understood as a language. This album was released in 1996 and after that he received series of awards for the album and the single of the same name as well. In 1997, at the Annual Arab Festival, Amr Diab won three for three different categories.
In 1998, his studio album titled Awedooni was again a huge hit and it gained recognition from all over the world. His other albums like Tamally Ma’ak , Aktar Wahed, El Leila Dei amongst many others have been highly acclaimed and recognized for their outstanding singles and the melodious tunes that they have produced. Amongst these albums, in July 2007 El Leila De sold over 5 million copies in less than two weeks setting a big record and perhaps the only record of the Music album being sold at least in the Mediterranean music world.
His more recent albums, such as Wayah released in 2009 and Aslaha Betefre released in 2010 have credits of being the best selling albums as well. They are surely the most invigorating and sensitizing albums and take you into an entirely different world of melodies and colorful hues that one could listen to. So if you really want to rock and listen to some really cool numbers then, Amr Diab is the man to listen to and if you are actually getting an opportunity to rock with the concert, then you should not miss it by any chance and enjoy yourself to the fullest.
There is a lot to hear and make it the best moment to remember as far as this concert is concerned. You will actually feel on the top of the world and would surely enjoy the time to the fullest. It is time to enjoy the concert and feel the real feel of the Egyptian music. Music is surely going to be at its best when it comes to listening to Amr Diab. If you are person who truly enjoys world class music and wants to get mesmerized with those unforgettable tunes, then this is your time to create the melody that suits you the best. So hurry up and grab your Amr Diab tickets now!

Amr Diab has worked with a number of notable musicians in the industry including Beyonce, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez among a list of other talented singers. The artist with a valuable experience of two decades is considered as the most popular singer of modern age. His live concerts offer a variety in music which attracts audiences from around the world. His live performances are sold out way before the event sets in. Some of his fans even consider him as the Living legend for Arab Music. The artist’s concert is nearing and Amr Diab tickets are on sale! So hurry and get them before they are all sold out!

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