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In what is clearly a rarity in the world of musicals, famous rock album, American Idiot by the American band, Green Day, the band behind the hit single Boulevard of Broken Dreams that is also part of the American Idiot album is now a musical of sorts made up of one act and is a through sung stage musical. It’s a musical that has left the New York Times impressed so much as to describe it as ‘invigorating, moving and thrilling’.

Not only does this musical use songs from the American Idiot album but it also uses other Green Day songs such as 21 st Century Breakdown and When It’s Time , an unreleased Green Day song. In fact, Green Day is also heavily involved in the musical with its lead vocalist, Billie Joe Armstrong writing the book with the director of the American Idiot musical, Michael Mayer. The lyrics are also by Billie Joe Armstrong and the songs are, of course, by Green Day.

The album, American Idiot, is in itself a story and the musical is built upon this story. It expands upon this story to create an enchanting experience full of memories and emotions with a lesson thrown in every now and then. It follows the lives of three young men, Tunny, Johnny and Will. Tunny and Johnny are busy trying to run away from life in suburbs and the restrictions that parents place on them. The third character, Will, on the other hand is doing the exact opposite by staying at home so that he can build a relationship with his girlfriend, who is pregnant. Thus, each of them starts of on a path. Tunny decides to take a shot at life in arms and so joins the army where he is sent to fight in a war. Johnny discovers something about his personality that he starts to dislike. He then gets involved in a relationship and passes through a period of lost love.

This musical was first performed in 2009 at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre after which it went to Broadway at the St. James Theatre. The previews to the musicals took place back in March 2010 and opened fully a month later. The show ran for around 422 performances that month. From Green Day, lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong participated in the musical as the character St. Jimmy at various times in the show, added to writing the book and other work in the musical. The same year, American Idiot bagged two different Tony Awards, one for Best Lighting Design of a Musical awarded to Kevin Adams and Best Scenic Design of a Musical awarded to Christine Jones. Furthermore, it was also recipient to a nomination for the Best Musical. The next year, it also bagged the coveted a Grammy Award in the category Best Musical Show Album. Two Tony Awards and one Grammy Awards are more than enough proof of an excellent musical, a must see through American Idiot tickets.

Green Day has stated that the album American Idiot was created as a story with its plot and was inspired by theatrical shows like West Side Story and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In fact, the band had in mind that the album would be turned into a movie or even a drama of sorts. It was the director, Michael Mayer, who approached Green Day and told the band that he wanted to create a musical from the album. Thus, American Idiot was born. Soon after , it became an incredible hit. It was the most grossing show in the history of the Berkeley Repertory Theatre that the producers has to extend the musical’s limited run two times. The cast of the musical itself is made up of John Gallagher Jr. playing out the role of Johnny, Stark Sands with the role of Tunny, Michael Esper playing Will, Tony Vincent and Billie Joe Armstrong playing St. Jimmy with the female cast made up of Rebecca Naomi Jones as Whatsername, Christina Sajous as the Extraordinary Girl and Mary Faber as Heather.

Added to the awards mentioned before, American Idiot has also won other awards number around twenty awards and nominations. It has won the Favorite Ensemble Cast and Favorite Leading Actor in a Musical 2010 Audience Awards with six more nominations, 2010 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Director of a Musical and two other nominations, 2010 Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Lighting Design (Play or Musical) and a nomination, two 2010 Tony Awards for Best Scenic Design of a Musical and Best Lighting Design of a Musical with a nomination and lastly a 2011 Grammy Award for Best Musical Show Album. All in all, an impressive list of awards that truly make you want to sing along to this musical live through American Idiot tickets.

American Idiot is the name of a very successful new musical, which has rocked the fans with its splendid storyline and characterization. The musical is adapted from an album titled as ‘American Idiot’ by America’s favorite rock band ‘Green Day’. The album American Idiot was released in 2004 and became an instant hit; selling more than 14 million copies and receiving huge accolades. The stage musical premiered on Broadway in April 2010 and is expected to move on the ladder of success in the same way as the album. The musical premiered in Berkeley in 2009 and received unlimited appreciation. 2011 is waiting for the first U.S tour by the team of American Idiot. Micheal Mayer is the director; the music is by Armstrong with Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool as the band members. The lyrics are also written by Armstrong, with the musical incorporating both pop and punk music.

American Idiot has a very gripping plot that keeps the audiences at the edge of their seats for the entire 90 minutes show. The story is full of emotions, love and rage. Every scene is enhanced through amazing acting, brilliant music, dramatic costumes as well as amazing stage design. The musical revolves around three key characters, Johnny, Will and Tunny, who are friends living in a Jingletown of USA. The three best friends decide to move from the city to get rid of their orthodox lifestyle. While Johnny and Tunny leave the city to search for a better living and more fun lifestyle, Will stays back as he find out that his girlfriend is pregnant. Circumstances frustrate Will as he’s not happy with the way things are going in his life whereas Johnny changes his identity which gives him whatever he wanted. He starts to enjoy his life and finds a girl who he named, ‘Whatsername’. When Johnny becomes a drug addict they breakup and head towards different direction. Tunny joins the Army and lives in hopelessness but later finds a good companion who remains with him till the end. Will’s girlfriend also leaves him and Johnny also returns but he has hope for the good in future.

The three friends make some right and some wrong decisions, get good opportunities and also make some terrible mistakes. It has an emotional story which is laced with drama as well as humor. American Idiot depicts frustration, love, rage, hope, failures and success in a nice way. All the songs from the concept album have been included in the musical; including some all time hits like, ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’, ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’, ‘Holiday’, ‘American Idiot’ and many more. The songs support the scenes making it more interesting. The musical got numerous awards in the few months after it premiered on Broadway. Since April, it has been performed approximately 300 times and witnessed viewership of more than 350,000. Before hitting the Broadway, it created its magic in Berkeley Repertory for a year and became the highest grossing show in its history. Many awards have come its way this year.

American Idiot got eight nominations for the 2010 Audience Awards and won two of them. Of three nominations by both Drama Desk Awards 2010 and Drama League Awards 2010, it won two Drama Desk Awards. Two Tony Awards and an Outer Critics Circle Award have also come its way. If you like rock music, and the band Greenday, then it’s a must for you to attend this musical soon. It’s something which will force you to forget all the routine stuff and concentrate on the magical show that is being performed in front of you. Also, it’s unique in its own way, because the rock/pop music is hardly a part of any musical that has been presented so far. The very engaging, hot favorite and tremendously successful musical, American Idiot invites you all to have the most rocking time. It will present a nice break from your boring routine. You must not wait anymore, just grab your American Idiot Tickets today and have a great time!


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