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Alice in Wonderland is no doubt a classic. Not only has this magnificent piece of writing managed to capture the imaginations of thousands of readers but it has found its way into other mediums as well,  stage and film to name a few. The stage musical version is yet again a very fascinating adaptation of the story. If you want to have a great time with friends and family, Alice in Wonderland tickets will serve you well.
The actual title of the 1865 novel is ‘Alice's Adventures in Wonderland’, but it is popularly called Alice in Wonderland. The author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, an Englishman who opted to go by the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, has spun the tale around “Alice”- a young girl who suddenly finds herself in a magical world filled with fantasy creatures and has many enchanting experiences. What has made the appeal of the story timeless is its ability to play around with logic and that is one quality which makes it as much a hit with adults as with children. This piece by Carroll is thought to be a prime example of the genre “literary nonsense” and has been a muse to many over the years. Literature, mostly of the “fantasy” genre, as well as pop culture can definitely be seen to have taken an inspiration from Alice in Wonderland ever since its advent.
The musical version was written by Henry Saville Clark after obtaining the blessings of Lewis Carroll and is based on his works, both Through the Looking Glass and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It’s a two act play the music for which was originally composed by Walter Slaughter. The story takes the audience to a fabulous Wonderland that Alice finds herself in as a result of following a very peculiar rabbit hole. She comes face to face with many strange characters there including the Mad Hatter, the Red Queen, and the Cheshire Cat who accompanies her on a wild journey she embarks upon. This piece has certainly become universal and frequently appears in different mediums. Staged, it’s a delight to watch. The music and the songs are well incorporated in the story while the fantastic imagery that “Wonderland” evokes along with the unusual creatures that inhabit it truly account for a wonderful experience for audience. This refreshing adaptation is a your chance to get a taste of what it feels like to journey through a mystical land that is so full of peculiar wonders.
The musical was first brought to stage in 1886 in London at the “Prince of Wales Theatre”. It got rave reviews and asserted itself as a hit among all ages in addition to being regarded as splendidly presented and acted. The play kept playing on West End for the next four decades in its various incarnations and earned appreciation of the audience and critics alike. Ever since its debut, Alice in Wonderland has captured the attention of artists from all walks of the art-world. It has manifested itself in the form of comics to films whether animated or otherwise, TV series, radio shows/series, tourist resorts, music and even food! Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal drew inspiration from the wonderland as well and created his version of the “Drink Me” potion.
This adventure into the bizarre dimensions of Wonderland is not all about entertainment. There are lessons to be learnt. Children as well as adults will get to know how to think outside the box to solve problems as they occur. It being a musical pantomime, of course, you are guaranteed a nice ensemble of songs coupled with innovative costumes and choreography to boot. The performance does justice to the reviews it keeps earning.
Equally riveting for all age groups, this play will definitely prove to be a memorable experience for everyone present. Alice in Wonderland tickets have a tendency of selling out fast since it has been a favorite of audiences since long and so you are advised to grab them while you can.

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