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Al Jarreau is the most prized possession in the world of jazz music. He is known worldwide for his distinct vocal spectrum, multiple singing styles, innovative harmonizing and supreme range of musical expressions. He has risen to new heights of legends after winning as many as seven prestigious Grammy Awards , all of which together credit and honor him for his unique talents in the performance of best jazz vocals, male pop vocals, male R&B vocals and traditional R&B vocals. Al Jarreau’s talent in perfecting and commanding music across genres has brought him much critical acclaim and many international music awards. He stands on the ultimate height-of-a-mountain platform as the maestro of jazz and jazz combined music.

Born in the March of 1940, Al Jarreau was the fifth of six children, whose father was a church minister and singer, and his mother was a church pianist. Together the family sang at the church concerts and other events while Jarreau and his mother separately also performed for the PTA meetings. Throughout his educational years, he kept up with his passion for singing and performing music by taking part in activities such as singing with a musical group called Indigo at weekends and during holidays, performing with a band of three jazz musicians under the lead of George Duke and going solo at many other events in his hometown of Milwaukee. It was not until 1967 when Al Jarreau performed alongside well known acoustic guitarist Julio Martinez, when the two gathered much attention at the small Gatsby night club that he decided to take up music as a profession permanently.

By 1968 music had become Al Jarreau’s sole interest and occupation, and the then aspiring artist was looking for opportunities through which he could explore and perfect his musical genius. In 1969, he traveled south with Julio Martinez in the hip places of Los Angeles such as Bitter End West and The Troubadour. Jarreau then went on to attract Television attention through Mike Douglas, Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin and David Frost. Around the same time, he began writing his lyrics himself, in an effort to make his musical expressions more dense and meaningful with deeper artistic insight. Al Jarreau experienced his very first big break in 1975 when he was noted by the Warner Bros. Records while working alongside pianist Tom Canning. He then released his debut album We Got By which won much critical appreciation and accelerated his journey to sky-height stardom while also bringing him a German Grammy for Best New International Soloist . The very next year, he received another German Grammy for his second album called Glow.

Breakin’ Away released in 1981, is one of the most popular albums by Al Jarreau, and carries the famous super hit Grammy-nominated song We’re in This Love Together , which he wrote for a TV show. He has been noted for his flawless performance in the field of scat singing and further ability to accurately imitate several instrumental sounds including percussion and bass guitar. In the 1990s Al Jarreau took a long break from recording so that he could get in touch with his fans and play for them live. At this time many Al Jarreau tickets were purchased for his concerts and his performance at the Broadway show known as Grease . At this juncture the jazz artistwas seen touring more than he ever had, while at the same time he was preparing and announcing another one of his upcoming albums. He has also recorded live three live albums with the Warner Bros. Records called Look to the Rainbow 1977, In London 1985 and Tenderness 1994.

In year 2003, conductor Larry Braid collaborated with Al Jarreau for Symphony shows held all around the United States , in which arrangements were made for Jarreau to deliver extensive orchestral performances. AlJarreau has toured and played alongside many musicians across jazz, distributing the AlJarreautickets to a wider audience. The artist has performed with the likes of Kathleen Battle, Joe Sample, Miles Davis, George Benson, Rick Braun and David Sanborn. In 2001, the jazz maestro was allotted a star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Al Jarreau is truly the most inspiring, poetic jazz genius, who has taken jazz to a more widely acclaimed and popular front, by executing with much sophistication the various musical technique employed. If you get a chance to attend Jarreau playing live while alongside delivering an enriching musical education then run and get the Al Jarreau tickets.

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