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Born on the twenty seventh of May in the year 1964, Adam Carolla is an American television and radio personality. He has also made his mark as an author, an actor and a comedian. This all-rounder entertainer, is the host of his own show “The Adam Carolla Show” that runs on the ACE Broadcasting Network, abbreviation for the Adam Carolla Entertainment Broadcasting Network.  Free podcasts of the show have been made available online since the year 2009. Currently the show holds the record for being the Most Downloaded Podcast awarded by the ‘Guinness World Records’ in the year 2011.
This entertainer has also gained popularity for being a part of and hosting television and radio shows such as “Loveline”; a program that he co-hosted for ten years starting 1995. He also took initiative to bring the show on television, where he hosted “Loveline” for five more years up till 2000. He has also hosted “The Car Show” in 2011, most recently and was a host on “The Adam Carolla Project” in 2005, which was a home improvement program broadcast on TLC. Adam Carolla has been known to co-create and co-host television programs such as “Crank Yankers” and “The Man Show”. If you wish to see this entertainer live at an upcoming show, all you need to do is purchase cheap Adam Carolla tickets today!
Adam also gained popularity after he appeared on reality television programs such as “The Celebrity Apprentice” hosted by Donald Trump and “Dancing with the Stars”; two very different, yet popular reality shows. Carolla is also a proud author of “Fifty Years, We’ll All Be Chicks”, a book that was published in the year 2010 and made it to the Best Seller’s List by New York Times. Born in the city of Los Angeles in California, Adam’s parents separated when he was of a young age. He moved out of his home at the age of eighteen and tried attending a community college. He dropped out soon and tried to earn his living through lower grade jobs such as an instructor for traffic school and boxing and also did some carpet cleaning.
His luck turned when he decided to study improvised comedy from “The Groundings”; a comedy troupe based in Los Angeles. He soon became part of the ACME Comedy Theatre also based in Los Angeles. However, it wasn’t until the year 1994 when Adam Carolla was able to start his career. As a boxing trainer he got the opportunity to train the famous Jimmy Kimmel who was preparing himself for a sport segment in a morning radio show named “Kevin and Bean”. The training helped develop a lifelong friendship and Adam was able to get a role in the morning show. If you wish to see this comedic presenter at an upcoming performance, be sure to buy Adam Carolla tickets before you finalize the plan.
Adam Carolla got another break in the radio entertainment industry when Riki Rachtman heard Carolla speak on “Kevin and Bean”. He was offered a signing by the William Morris Agency and was offered a co-host spot on “Loveline” besides Drew Pinsky. He gained popularity through this radio show due to his incessant jokes and humor and in the year 2005 was offered his very own morning show on radio, due to which he had to leave from Loveline. His own morning show was called “The Adam Carolla Show” which went on for four years; until it was cancelled in the year 2009, due to a format switch by the radio station.
Adam then started his own website where he would upload daily podcasts, which could be downloaded by the people. His podcasts gained instant success as during the very first week, over 1.6 million fans downloaded his podcasts making the podcasts hit number one on iTunes. If you are hoping to see this fantastic entertainer appear live in an upcoming performance where you can listen to his witty and incessant humor, what you should do is acquire Adam Carolla tickets today. 

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