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The Swedish powerhouse, Abba, brought Europop music into the world rock mainstream by its incredible hits like 'Take a Chance on Me' and 'Dancing Queen'. This first mainland European act of the seventies is ranked as second to the legendary band The Beatles. Their success rate makes you get lost in numbers with approximately 360 million records sold worldwide. The pair Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson widely known today as founders of Abba, were already associated with folk and pop music before joining hands.

Fortunately for the music industry, their meeting at a party brought them together to produce pop rock music, which to date is as fresh as it was in the early seventies. The band still enjoys a crazy fan following and Abba Tickets are always on sale like hot cakes before its concert.For Event Schedule and available tickets for Abba please click Buy

There are number of tribute shows performed every year that regenerate ABBA's magic for live audience. If you want to be the part of one of such shows, book Abba Tickets and enjoy their unforgettable melodies.The band split up in 1982 due to personal difference, as it comprised of two married couples. During the height of their success, their personal life started falling apart which led to divorce between both the couples and so the band split in 1982. After disbandment, all four band members pursued solo careers in the music industry.

As for the ladies, they started their solo careers as singers, while both the lads on the other hand wrote music for stage and achieved success doing that. Even still, the band's music was still celebrated in various corners of the world. And since their music still had massive listenership, several ABBA tribute bands were formed as well, and are performing their hits live as we speak.Named after one of their greatest hits, Mamma Mia, their music also spawned a hit Broadway musical whose success speaks for itself. After the musical earned the appreciation of musical buffs all across the globe, a movie based on the musical also spawned later in 2008, which rose to high acclaim likewise.

Initially the band released their work with credit to Bjorn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid, but later after the consensus of all the group members, the name of the group was selected to be ABBA. The group released their debut single titled "People Need Love" with the following name, and they garnered moderate success and exposure with it, the group decided to push it further. The band released its debut album "Ring Ring" gained mainstream exposure in Europe and South Africa. But their breakthrough success really came to them with the release of their third self titled album ABBA which was released in 1975, after Waterloo which came in 1974. After ABBA, the band released five more studio albums, with the latest one coming out in 1981 titled The Visitors. After performing for the last time officially as a group, the band broke up later in 1982.

However, their music is still widely listened to, and celebrated all across the globe. And one can still experience the thrills and chills of an ABBA concert thanks to a number of tribute bands and shows. These tribute bands imitate not only the band's music perfectly, but also their appearance and the way they presented their live performances. So if you want to re-live the history by witnessing these tribute bands in action, this is the place to book your ABBA tickets for the occasion.

The 'Dancing Queen', 'Knowing Me' , 'Knowing You' and 'I Have A Dream' along with many other phenomenal hits are going to rock the stage live this year! The legendary band of the seventies is going to treat its fans by taking them back to the glorious era of seventies and eighties with its incredible music. So people, if you missed the chance of witnessing the band live, this is surely one golden opportunity for you! The band is back with a bang and red carpets have been unrolled for its upcoming tour! Abba Tickets are already on sale! Rush off and get them before they are all sold out!We Pride ourselves on selling Abba Tickets cheaper than E-Bay, StubHub or TicketsNow

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