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Based in Tennessee, 10 Years is an alternative hard rock band with a melodious sound unmatched to that of any other band in the same genre. Often categorized under the progressive metal and post grunge genres, they are heavily influenced by the well known groups Deftones and Tool. Songs like Waste Land, Waking Up and Fix Me have not only ranked them high on the US Top charts but also increased the sales of 10 Years tickets for their live concerts.
10 Years was introduced to the music industry before the ‘best era for music’, the 90s ended. While the band was still struggling to finalize its lineup, they came up with two independent releases, ‘Into the Moon’ and ‘Killing All that Holds You.’ The response was positive and they got the much deserved attention that eventually landed them into a contract with Universal Records for their debut release, ‘The Autumn Effect’. The album was a successful effort in taking rock music to its next logical destination. Music is supposed to be about feeling and its intensity should be clearly felt in the melodies, but the rock music of the era lacked humanity and the sense of connection. With singles like Waking Up, Wasteland and Faultline, they built repute for their melodies to be spiritual by intent and mythic in scope without sacrificing the primal metal rock sound.
According to the vocalist of 10 Years, Jesse Hasek, ‘Lyrics can make or break the song.’ The band puts heavy emotions in their lyrics and composes melodies that revolve around their personal experiences. He adds, “If people can get a feeling from the song, then for us, it has accomplished its goal. We may not share the same problems but have been through somewhat similar experiences.”
10 Year’s second album ‘Division’ was released a couple of years after the debut album and did not disappoint their fans at all. With songs like Beautiful and So Long, Goodbye, it ranked on the 12th position of the US Charts and was praised to be different from the first album. The band did not wait long to come up with their third studio album ‘Feeding the Wolves’. Hailed to be the heaviest material produced by 10 Years so far, it reached the 17th position on the US Albums Charts. Songs like Fix Me and Shoot It Out accelerated the sales of the album and booked them for summer tours with artists like Puddle of Mud, Sevendust and Chevelle.
Latest on the list of albums for 10 Years is ‘Minus Machine’ that is already charting on the US Top Charts for singles like Dancing with the Dead and Backlash. The band by now has built an identity for being far more than just music and words. Through their music, they intend to touch the hearts of people. 10 Years with the mission of redefining relationships through their music comes up with songs that arouse the emotions of people. It’s their lyrics which strengthen their bond with the fans.  
10 Years with their energetic live performances in all these years have proven that their connection with the crowd is strong. They feel at home while performing on stage. They are all set for another live performance for which 10 Years tickets  are up for grabs. Get one now!

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