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In the days of WWE yore, you may have smelled what The Rock was cooking and salivated until you could get a chance to sink your teeth in it. However, there is nothing like the feel of taking a bite of all the raw and tough action that is the WWE RAW SuperShow. Come down to the WWE Pittsburgh happening to get a mouthful.
For almost three decades, WWE has been dishing out all the live and uncut action in an unrefined and "RAW" format for all the wrestling fans to binge upon until it is coming out the yin yang. Hatched by WWE head honcho Vince McMahon himself, RAW has morphed into a far more ferocious and unrestrained monster that even the good Doctor Frankenstein could have imagined.
From the days of The Undertaker and Yokozuna and all throughout the Attitude Era, RAW has been lurking and bawling across the airwaves, taking on WCW Monday Nitro in an extended Monday Night War that saw RAW prevail and claim the ratings. The WWE Pittsburgh event will be testament to its unbounded energy and unbridled mayhem.
Coming into the ring will be CM Punk and Chris Jericho in a showdown to drown all others. Then John Cena, still licking his wounds that he acquired from his beating at the hands of The Rock in WrestleMania XXVIII on April Fool's day this year, will team up with Randy Orton and Sheamus to take on Kane and CO. So "smackdown" some WWE Pittsburgh tickets now for being rawly "Punk-ed".

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A:The event schedule is given on our page. Follow the directions and place the order for Wwe Pittsburgh Pa Tickets as soon as possible.

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