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The color blue has been associated with music since the late 1800s for all that is soulful and melodically melancholic. However, nearly a century later, a phenomenon arose that completely flipped the connotations of all that is blue in music by incorporating sporadic beats and electrifying tweaks. The Blue Man Group Las Vegas performance is going to showcase this blue-hued act in all their greasy glory.

Causing a stir in the late 1980s, the trio of Chris Wink, Phil Stanton and the ochre Matt Golden started out as any other act trying to get in on the entertainment milieu. However, their seemingly initial lackluster performances soon acquired more color and shine, largely courtesy of the blue grease paint that they started splotching themselves with from head to toe.

Though being accompanied by conventional musical instruments that spew experimental rock and techno music, the blue man group primarily employs a sonic contraption that morphs out of tubular odds and ends that the trio joins and disconnects throughout its gig. The Drumbone is going to blow you away with its symphonic blasts at the Blue Man Group Las Vegas show.

From its early gigs at the Lincoln Center to their successful stints at venues such as The Luxor Hotel and the Venetian in Las Vegas, Blue Max Theater in Berlin and the Norwegian Epic cruise ship, the Blue Man Group has maintained its virtual omnipresence via several doppelganger versions.

So to remedy your musical malady with some colorful melodies, get your Blue Man Group Las Vegas tickets now. 



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